why Don’t I just lorem them Ipsums?

Many people do this, and it seems quite reasonable to put some Lorem ipsum at place as for test content to fill out blanks and show pros and cons of a design, right? I’m not sure about that! I just don’t like the idea of publishing something that is not but ctrl+c => ctrl+v, especially because I have somehow convinced myself to commit to not removing anything of this blog after publishing.

I am some kind of a programmer myself

I have a history of messing around codes and stuff, from C++ to PHP (well it doesn’t make much sense cause C++ and PHP are not two separate points on a scale to form a range, but I meant that I started with C++ and ended up loving PHP). I do not consider myself a professional programmer but a proud member of programmers' societies.

Here is a random PHP script:

echo Hello();

function Hello($anon=false){
  if($anon==true) return 'Greeting Citizens of the World';
  else return 'Hello World!';

MatinGholami owns this personal blog

If you look up the term “MatinGholami” in this page, you will find more than a few Matingholamis in the text! That’s cause Matin Gholami owns this blog meaning this blog belongs to Matin Gholami and no one but MatinGholami shall write here. Just kidding! anyone weather MatinGholami or anyone else with proper access to the github repository responsible for this blog may write in or edit the blog, who am I to morally evaluate such actions? But if you make an edit to this blog, do it in your own name <3