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I love writing, I mean I love being heard but I love writing regardless of weather my writing is being read or not. I love writing as if it were some sort of calming my unfamiliar-with-peace mind. This “personal” blog of mine is supposed to be a semi-safe place for me to write, of everything and without a clear goal to be aimed at. A place to just write and feel good about it, and maybe in a few years look back at its archive and be like “wow, This dude is so not me”.

Technical properties of this blog

Well to be honest, I myself don’t know much about the technicals! All I know is I installed this site generating app and the next thing I know I’m writing some content.

The blog pages are created using a blog-aware static-site-generator called hugo (quite popular at the time of writing) and are made available to public using Github Pages service.